Animation Sevices


Video is an increasingly more effective medium supplemental to traditional text books, learning management systems and class room lectures.

We can help take your educational video projects to the next level by combining all of the in-house talent and resources you’re looking for – research, concept development, content development and script writing, location and talent scouting, full professional production on-location and in-studio, editing, motion graphics, design, animation and 3D.

The videos we create can take on a traditional serious tone or they can take a light-hearted and entertaining style to education depending on the age of the audience, the curriculum and the approach.


  • Sript-writing: We write down your ideas to which we have to give a visual form.
  • Screenplay-visualization: Let’s paint a word picture anticipating what the people are about to see.
  • Voiceover: Our videos speak the language of the masses, at no extra cost.
  • Animation: The characters, the props, the charts and the words will readily enact the same story you want them to tell.
  • Cinematography-direction: Our hands aren’t just good at drawing, we shoot and direct even better. Everything that features in our video has some well thought purpose to be there.
  • Music-sfx: These puppets need a tune and effects to dance. Sound engineers compliment the visuals with cinematic tunes to enhance your visual presentations.
  • Editing: Visual appeals don’t just come on their own. We augment the videos with creative effects to do the tricks.
  • Video-rendering: We ensure that the videos playback across all platforms and screen with the best fit resolution.
  • 2D Animated Explainer Video: We create cool characters to aid your presentation. Both relatable to your business and compelling to the audience, they increase engagement. Nothing can beat 2D Animated Explainer Video.
  • Whiteboard Animation video: Add a professional touch with Illustrated animations. These pocket friendly short videos instantly convert your ideas into visual form.
  • Spokesperson Video: Add zing to your elevator pitch with a spokesperson video. Let a spokesperson present your business in a unique style supported by cool VFX, or get an audiovisual testimonial.