We aspire to transform the way institutes impart education in today’s world. That’s why our technology solutions enable seamless connections between faculty, students and other staff members for a more collaborative learning experience.

Through our web and mobile solutions, we digitise traditional processes followed in institutes, making information accessible on demand, with ease on desktops, mobiles and beyond.

Our extensive knowledge of vital modules like institute set up and configuration, student on-boarding (pre and post admission), fees management, information management, data analytics and reports empowers us to customise technologies for our clients.


Qfix: For mobile based collaborations

Qfix is a digital platform specifically designed to enable comprehensive e-communication and mobile based communication between school, parents and students. Available on web and mobile, the platform offers status of the student’s academic manoeuvring, functioning of academic affairs within the same school campus.

A glimpse of features

Collaboration and communication

Integration with digital devices

Online and offline payments

Digital account

Online shopping

Education light: To manage courses digitally

Education Light is a light scale ERP built to manage their course on digital platform. It promotes effective collaboration and tracking of course participation and progress details.

The coaches, participants and admin staff can utilise the app on web or mobile.

a glimpse of features

For coaches

Schedule and track meetings, assignments and calls


Access, manage and collaborate with coaches and staff.

Admin Staff

Schedule sessions,accept payments and produce data analytics on parameters like participation, effectiveness and attendance.

QuizPro : For an exciting quiz contest

Built for a renowned brand Dhootpapeshwar, it was aimed to manage a quiz competition on a mobile. It allowed participants to answer a quiz on a mobile application and stores results offline in their mobile device.

The data was exported offline to a centralised system to decide to winner of competition from multiple locations across India.