Open Source technologies


Open source has gained significant grounds with its flexibility, accessibility and cost control. It is collaboratively developed and supported by a strong network of independent developers to improve IT application adaptability. It helps reduce software license costs and offers improved delivery efficiency. Besides being safe and secure, it is also not vulnerable to viruses. It provides high level of functionality, with better performance and standards

We have implemented solutions that have:

  • Dynamic enterprise websites with database based data storage
  • RESTful Web service API implementation for SaaS offerings like Payment aggregator service, workflow APIs, Legacy platform aggregator services.
  • Batch job implementation for performing schedules tasks like payment reconciliations, data imports, account creation/activations, sending out notifications to customers and many others.
  • Integration with external SaaS services like SalesForce, Facebook, Google places, OAuth etc.
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Product maintenance and enhancement using open source technologies
  • Ecommerce portals with custom workflows and plug-ins


Our timely delivery, high project mentoring and risk assessment capabilities guarantee an unmatched service experience.

Our dedicated team leverages its technical expertise and domain knowledge to develop and deploy portable and cost-effective solutions to address the needs of our clients globally.

Extensive use of enterprise grade open source technologies/frameworks to reduce cost of technology ownership/licenses.